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Here are the conventions at which we'll be presenting panels.

17-19 June 2016 Anime Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake, VA, USA
Fri. 8:00pmPanel 2Amazingly Obscure Anime
Sat. 10:00amPanel 1Parents' Guide to Anime
Sat. 5:30pmPanel 2Ink and Paint Come Alive: How Anime is Made
Sat. 10:30pmPanel 3How to Write an Anime Review
Sun. 1:30amPanel 3Harry Potter vs. Spike Spiegel
12-14 August 2016 Otakon (no panels; just attending) Baltimore, MD, USA
21-23 October 2016 Anime USA Washington, DC, USA

We'll update this page when our panels are scheduled.

Here are the slides for our presentations:

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